Solar for Syria

Access to light and power is critical for the refugees in Syria. WakaWaka's solar powered devices provide immediate assistance as well as long-term relief and enables survivors to see after dark and to charge their phones to connect with family members and loved ones elsewhere. The WakaWaka Power is "among the most valued aid tools we distribute in Syria" (Bob Kitchen, Director Emergency Preparedness and Response of the International Rescue Committee). Currently there are 56,550 WakaWakas in use by Syrian Refugees in camps in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Northern Iraq, with 10,000 on the way. You can buy a WakaWaka Power today and we'll donate a WakaWaka Light to help Syrian refugees. We stand #withSyria stand with us and sign the petition. 

Syrian uprooted families are dependent on dangerous kerosene lamps. One WakaWaka Light enables an entire family to safely see, study, move about, cook, read and gather after darkness.


'If grins can gauge popularity, the WakaWaka is clearly appreciated by displaced Syrians the IRC is supporting in the northern part of the country.  In a daylong visit last year, I saw at least one or two in front of most tents, charging in the bright sun. When I tried to ask about them in my non-existent Arabic, the smiles and gestures in response were not a retort to my language shortcomings, but rather the approval of the WakaWaka.' (Read the full story).


For every $25 gift to the IRC, one WakaWaka solar light will be sent to a Syrian family in need. Make your donation today. 



'The Solar for Syria campaign brings light into darkness in a sustainable and energy efficient way. Today it serves many in Syria, and will hopefully soon be available to Typhoon victims in Philippines. It may well prove to be a viable solution to people facing similar hardships in other places around the world.' - Kofi Annan




Impact Map: Zoom in to Syria to See the Impact

Zoomen Sie hinein und klicken Sie auf einen Kreis um mehr über das Hilfsprojekt zu erfahren.

The aid, crisis and relief projects of WakaWaka are shown above. The map is continuously being filled with more data and footage and does not include the sale of WakaWakas in Western markets like North America and Europe. It currently features more than 100 projects in developing countries. Have a look and learn about the impact we're making together.


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