Managing Director WakaWaka Rwanda

Raouf has a degree in technical physics with a specialization in durable energy technology. When he finished his studies, scared to be working in a lab somewhere in a basement, he took off to Mali where he worked for a solar-energy company. While working there, he set up a distribution supply chain for solar home systems and small lamps.

After that, he worked for an energy research centre in the Netherlands where he performed a lot of research on climate financing in developing countries, and wrote some scientific research articles but he wanted to be more active in the developing countries itself. Raouf worked on different projects in a.o. Kenya and Indonesia, gave lectures at a university and did a project in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After this he worked as a strategy consultant for big energy companies on management strategies for decentralizing energy generation.       

Raouf is the managing director of WakaWaka’s subsidiary company WakaWaka Rwanda. He works on the Virtual Grid project, which is a pay-as-you-go energy service with its pilot in Rwanda. 

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