Share the Sun

Shop our sustainable solar panels, solar lights, power banks and accessories. With every purchase you contribute to our mission to make light and energy accessible to families in remote areas.

light shop

WakaWaka Light

The new slim design of the WakaWaka Light offers the same sturdy, highly efficient and sustainable solar...

power shop

WakaWaka Power+

A durable, lightweight and compact solar powered charger capable of charging your smartphone or gives 200 hours of light.

solar panel shop


The WakaWaka Solar Panel is a powerful performance extension to your Power+, or a way of turning your Power 5 ...


Waterproof Pouch

A 100% waterproof pouch that fits the WakaWaka Power+ and protects it from mud, water, snow, dirt, or grease...

power 5 shop


The WakaWaka Power 5 is your go to powerbank for daily use. With it’s 5000 mAh battery capacity it ...

power 10 shop


The WakaWaka Power 10 is the next step in the evolution of portable power. The Power 10 is intended for ...

camping full kit

Camping Full Kit

Use solar energy to power your outdoor trip: Solar Panel & Link | Power 10 + | Pocket Light | Micro USB Cable

Waterproof Kit WakaWaka


Keep your WakaWaka safe with a waterproof pouch: WakaWaka Power+ | Waterproof Pouch | WakaWaka Light 

always connected kit

Always Connected

Solar Panel & Link | Power10 | Power+ | Micro USB Cable | Lightning USB Cable | Pocket Light

camping light kit

Camping Light Kit

5 x WakaWaka Lights for the price of 4. Perfect to light up many spots in the dark outdoors..

5x WakaWaka power

Group Power Kit

5 X WakaWaka Power+ for the price of 4. Gives light and energy from the Sun. 

wanderlust kit

Wanderlust Kit

A reliable source of energy in over 150 countries: Power 10 | World Charger | Micro USB Cable

pocket light shop

Pocket Light

This LED torch features 3 brightness settings, an SOS function and will provide you up to 80 hours...

world charger shop

World Charger

This travel adapter fits the different electrical outlets of 150 countries around the world. That means ...

micro usb


A durable Charging Cable that charges your WakaWaka from a USB wall charger. Also connects a WakaWaka to...

usb lightning shop


The charging and syncing cable fits all your WakaWaka and Apple devices. It connects a ...

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