Welcome distributor

Great that you are about to sell WakaWaka products! Below you'll find downloadable files specially designed for distributors. With information about the company, the products, high-resolution images and more. Note: please read the important information on the right on our mission and guidelines for you as a distributors.

  WakaWaka manuals

 WakaWaka: how does it work

 WakaWaka: why does it work

 WakaWaka banners

 WakaWaka display examples

 WakaWaka onepagers

 WakaWaka printing

                                                   Do you still have questions? please contact:

Sales:                                                           Merijn Havinga merijn(@)waka-waka.com  
Marketing / business development:           Tjebbe Tjebbes tjebbe(@)waka-waka.com

Logistics / support:                                     Wouter Hendriks wouter.hendriks (@) waka-waka.com


WakaWaka Video's

This is a playlist of all the recent WakaWaka Videos. Feel free to like and share! 


Distributors list

 To view a full list of WakaWaka distributors, please click here.

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