Al Gore - 10 years after: the urgency and opportunities

Ten years ago Al Gore woke up the world with his movie 'An Inconvenient Truth'. Maurits Groen, founder of WakaWaka, saw the urgency of his plan, and brought it to the Netherlands. On the 4th of October Al Gore was back in the Netherlands again when WakaWaka joined hands with Inspiration360 to stimulate social and sustainable entrepreneurship. Prior to the evening program WakaWaka invited the Dutch business community to formulate new ambitions and inspire others with impressive milestones.

Last October 4th was a historic day: The EU ratified the Paris agreement, which is now binding for all countries, a huge achievement. And the biggest sustainability event in the Netherlands was held. During this day, hosted by the WakaWaka Foundation and Inspiration360, attended by over 7,500 people, inspirational speakers took the stage, including Princess Laurentien, Richard Branson, Bear Grylls and key note speaker Al Gore.

Princess Laurentien opened the evening with a clear message: “Tonight it’s about action, it’s about you, it’s about making choices.”

Dutch companies announced promising ambitions and plans that leave us with hope for an urgent tipping point. The video below showcases a few examples of Dutch companies who have recognised and acted upon the importance of sustainable innovation. The Netherlands as an innovative country has the possibility to be amongst the countries that are taking the lead. Al Gore specifically reflected on the situation in the Netherlands: He asked the Dutch government to drop the appeal in the Urgenda Climate Case and praised the Dutch Railways (NS) for the achievement of driving solely on Dutch wind energy.

The urgency to act is extreme. 10 years after Al Gore presented ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, climate disruption has now started to visibly and costly hurt the world. We have had the time to reflect but, more than ever, it is time to look at the needs and opportunities that lay beyond. It is time to accelerate the transition towards a carbon neutral society.

Al Gore: “Can we change? You bet we can! (..) We have all technologies we need but we should not wait, we cannot wait, we must not wait.”


In line with this, the WakaWaka foundation wants to take steps to accelerate and optimize the access to clean energy in developing countries. The Foundation wants to further develop innovative rural distribution models. By raising funds, the Foundation supports WakaWaka’s commitment to make long term and lasting impact.

Prior to the evening program the Green Business Market was a great succes thanks to all our attending partners: Kipster, Mimi Moto, It’s About Romi, YouBeDo, Van Gansenwinkel, Energetika, Unu Motors, PressOnly, PWC, Bio Promotions & Boa Nova, Gemaco, Schooldakrevolutie, Green Art Solutions, Speedcomfort, Greenmotion, 2 Food and Kromkommer.










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